Dog Care Merit Badge Online

Thank you for attending our online sessions and learning more about our favorite friends! After participating in one of the two online sessions, you have three more tasks to complete:

  1. The Dog Care merit badge worksheet can be downloaded the bottom of this page. While you do not have to use this worksheet, it is a helpful way to organize your work and respond/answer each requirement. All of your work should be submitted by e-mail to; after review, we will send you a digital blue card to reflect the requirements you have completed. You may submit scanned documents, files, pictures, and/or videos to show that you have completed each requirement. 
  2. Requirement 4 asks Scouts to care for their dog(s) for a period of two months. This period begins after you start the merit badge, and you will need to record some notes and observations about your dog’s health and activity during that time. Feel free to send evidence of completing all other requirements prior to sending evidence that you have cared for your dog for two months. (We will approve the two-month care requirement starting around June 25, 2020.)
  3. Play fetch! Go for walks! Puppies need playtime!